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Common questions

We have tried to answer the most common questions.

Is All Access Holidays registered with the NDIS?

Yes we are! Our NDIS Provider Registration Number is 4050009057.
For more information about our service please, visit the this page of our website.

How do I book a holiday?

It’s easy! All you have to do phone or email us. You can make a booking enquiry for yourself for you can refer someone else. Once we have received your enquiry we will be in contact within 24 hours. Please Contact Us.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Once we have spoken with you (or an advocate) and have finalised the dates and the availability of places on a holiday we will ask for a 25% deposit. Once this deposit is received we will confirm your place on the holiday.

Does the NDIS pay for my holiday?

Please read this article where James outlines exactly how it all works.

Do I need travel insurance?

All Access Holidays recommends that you take out independent travel insurance.

I’ve booked a holiday but have now decided I would like to go on a different one. Can I transfer my holiday to another one?

For the most part you can. However, it needs to be done in a certain timeframe and is also dependent on whether we can fill the spot that you have cancelled and if there is availability of places on your chosen holiday. For further clarification please request a copy of our terms and conditions.

Why do you have different prices for the same holiday?

The clients that come on our holidays require differing levels of support. So a client with higher support needs may need more attention than a client who is more independent.

This means that we have to employ extra staff members which can make the price higher. Please discuss your care needs when booking the holiday.

What does the cost of the holiday cover?

The final price of the holiday covers all of your accommodation, transport, food and access to all entertainment. We prepare a detailed quotation for each individual traveller.

Can I bring my own money on the holiday?

Of course, you can. All Access staff will be happy to look after your money and when you want to buy something just let them know. If you purchase holiday memorabilia and trinkets whilst you are away staff will ensure that all receipts are kept and will return back with you when you go home.

Can I cancel my holiday?

Well obviously, it goes without saying that we would prefer it if you didn’t. However, we understand that plans can change and that unexpected things can arise at times. Again, it does depend on the time and how much notice we are given. Please see our terms and conditions of service.

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