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About us

Opening up a world of experiences to people with disabilities.

All Access Holidays is an Australian travel company with a focus on taking people with a disability on fun and innovative holidays.

We believe that everybody, no matter their background, is entitled to a break. We go the extra mile to make your biggest travel dreams become reality.

People are everything

We are all about joining like-minded people together to form lasting friendships, whilst sharing some of their most memorable experiences together. Our family style approach allows our travellers to connect in a relaxed and fun atmosphere surrounded by new places and adventures. 

Live life to the fullest

We believe in living life to the fullest - with no regrets! So, whether you are a thrill seeker, exotic animal explorer, music festival fan or relaxing-beach trip kind of person, we create supportive pathways to your very own dream adventure or join us on one of our curated group experiences. 

We listen to you

We listen to you, and let you make your own decisions! From our transparent service offerings through to our qualified and approachable staff, we work together as equals and support each other, always. We’ve created an environment that celebrates diversity and individuality, encouraging you to speak up, because only then can we make your dream trip a reality. 

Making great memories

Enjoy magnificent destinations and unique experiences tailored to you with like-minded travellers to create memories that last a lifetime. Let us take care of all things accommodation, mode of transport and the support you need, so you can focus on your very own holiday adventure. 

We all need a break